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6 banners / television [10 Aug 2008|01:12pm]

[1] Supernatural: Jensen Ackles
[3] Las Vegas: Josh Duhamel, Molly Sims & Vanessa Marcil
[1] One Tree Hill: Chad Michael Murray
[1] Ugly Betty: America Ferrara


H E R E || A Q U I )
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LAS VEGAS!!! [10 Jun 2008|06:40pm]

Hey I just became a fan of the show and I've been watching them on line but I am not always at internet available places... Do any of you have any you could post on mega upload for me from season 3 and 4? I'm way behind as just started it recently....
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Differences! [15 May 2008|02:47pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey all,

I've been watching Las Vegas for the last few years, I am the proud owner of S1-3 on DVD and have been watching S4&5 online because Channel 7 Australia/Fox8 suck!!

One major difference I've found is that the opening song is Let it Ride in Australia, and A Little Less Conversation Elvis & Junkie XL. I tell you what, the let it ride song makes the opening credits drag. I've never been to Vegas, but i think the Elvis song fits it better, matches the pace of the show a lot more!!

Well, maybe it was one difference!! LOL OK well i have to go finish watching S5!! (boo it's been cancelled!)

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[16 Apr 2008|03:23pm]

Hey guys,

I opened up a Molly Sims website. If you're interested, go check it out over HERE :D
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[09 Apr 2008|10:38am]

Please post this video anywhere you can! Thanks to Allison for making it.

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Campaign Update [08 Apr 2008|10:05am]

Ok so here's the deal right now:

Ben Silverman is being pummeled with booties. They are in his office and he's pissed off about it. The good news is, they are all being donated to lots of different charities. So yay for us

A few options to get us an ending are being explored, though none concrete as of yet. One option is getting another network to fund the project like Direct TV. So we shall see what happens.

We have until June 15-30th to get an ending. That is when the options for the actor's contracts run out. So basically that means if we get an ending, then the actors are all contractually obligated to be in it (and of course they want to anyway) but it also means that if that date hits and there's still no ending, then we will never get one.

So we have until the end of May-mid June to get an ending. I STRONGLY urge everyone to mail as many letters as they can. Mail as many booties as you can. Or donate as much as you can so we can smack them with so many booties they will relent and give us an ending.

The lack of set is no problem. We don't need it. The ending can be done. It's just simply in the hands of the big wigs at NBC (aka Ben Silverman) to give us one. So it's up to all of us to force them to change their minds.

Vegas fans are a great bunch and it's going to be so amazing if we can make this happen. Now obviously I hope everyone realizes that it might not happen, but hey at least we have a fighting chance.

Let's flood them with everything we can!

We have till the end of May - mid June.

Source: http://lasvegas-theseries.com
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[05 Apr 2008|12:34pm]

Here is a Danny/Delinda video I made. Enjoy.

Cross-posted to danny_delinda.
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Campaign Update [27 Mar 2008|06:20pm]


Dear Las Vegas Fans,

Vegas fans truly are the best!

Thank you all for doing an incredible job contributing to the campaign. Due to your success over 21,000 people have signed our petition, we have raised over $6200 and sent out over 10,000 Booties to Ben Silverman's office in the past month! That’s incredible.

And the best news is, we are being heard by NBC. A lot of pressure is being put on them to give us our ending and if we just keep all of this up we have a good chance of getting the real ending (and maybe more) to our favorite show, Las Vegas. TVGuide even ran another update today on their site urging Vegas fans to keep sending booties! http://www.tvguide.com/Ask-Ausiello

To keep the pressure on NBC, we are asking everyone who can, to please give between $5-$10 to help continue buying baby booties to ship to Ben Silverman. One case is 39$ (1 case = 72 pairs of baby socks). Just think of how many booties we could flood NBC with if everyone donated even 5$? The amount would be incredible! So let’s really rally and show them that we are not going to go away quietly and let them cancel our favorite show! If you would like to do your part and donate please follow this link: http://lasvegas-theseries.com/campaign/donate_save_las_vegas.html We really appreciate your help and hope you will continue to join us on http://www.lasvegas-theseries.com.

Besides donating, here is a list of a few other things you can do to help:

- Sign the petition and forward it to all you friends (we mail this to Ben every time it hits a big benchmark.

- Send Letters to NBC President’s Ben Silverman's office as well as Jeff Zucker, and Marc Graboff (Post in forum when you do)

- Send Baby Booties to Ben Silverman's office (Post in forum when you do)

- Donate $5-10 to help us mail big shipments of baby booties off to NBC

Lastly, continue to spread the word , email your friends and family and get them involved because every little bit helps.

Thank you so very much for your continued support! As Gary Scott Thompson says "You're the greatest fans in the world" Lets show NBC we can accomplish our goal and get the ending we deserve!

Thanks Again!

Allison, Jeff, Leah, Kelly, Ruud, and Jay

-The lasvegas-theseries.com Operation Baby Bootie team
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LJ Colour Bars [23 Mar 2008|03:48pm]


(**) Rachel Bilson
(**) THE O.C
(**) Ryan&Marissa
(**) Julian McMahon
(**) Rose McGowan
(**) Mischa Barton
(**) Nip/Tuck
(**) XENA
(**) Sophia Bush
(**) Las Vegas
(**) ALIAS



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Save Las Vegas Campaign Update [18 Mar 2008|09:24am]

This was reported by the owner at LasVegas-TheSeries.

Campaign Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have it on good authority that our efforts are being heard by NBC. People at NBC are loving it and think it's great. It's working and getting attention. NBC is having a hard time keeping it quiet. So it may take one month, or two or four but keep writing as many letters as you can and keep donating or sending in your own socks.

NBC is hoping we go away so they won't have to deal with the issue but if we keep up the pressure we have a good shot of getting our ending.

So I'm asking everyone to write! write! write! in addition to donating and/or sending in your own booties. Keep up the awesome work everyone!

In addition to Ben Silverman, we also need to write to Marc Graboff and Jeff Zucker. In your letters please work in the fact that you are going to boycott NBC unless they give us an ending. We are also going to start writing to TNT but until I get the direct address please continue to email. Below are the addresses for Jeff and Marc.

Jeff Zucker
30 Rockefeller Plaza/52nd Floor
New York, New York 10112
USA (only include the USA part if you don't live in the US)

Marc Graboff
3000 W. Alameda
Admin Building
Burbank, CA 91523
USA (only include the USA part if you don't live in the US)

Ben Silverman
3000 W. Alameda
Admin Building
Burbank, CA 91523
USA (only include the USA part if you don't live in the US)
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[14 Mar 2008|12:11pm]

Hi, I hope this is okay. I'm running dooooooom, a multi-fandom taboo porn-a-thon, and I'd love to see some LV fic over there. :)

Sign ups are here.
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[11 Mar 2008|11:34am]

Hey guys! If you want to continue to show support for the show, feel free to display these on your user info page or anywhere else!

More under the cutCollapse )
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[09 Mar 2008|12:47am]

Danny/Delinda icons from Season 5, episodes 01-02.


More here @ danny_delinda

Cancelled [21 Feb 2008|09:48am]

I am sorry to report that NBC has cancelled Las Vegas.

You can read more about it here:


Please join in the campaign to save our show!
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Las Vegas Season 5 Finale [17 Feb 2008|08:09pm]


waaoww season 5 finale was awesome.Hope there'll be a season 6:)

(24)Las Vegas (5x18 Three Weddings and a Funeral)




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Writers Strike is OVER!! [08 Feb 2008|10:38pm]

It has been announced on CNBC that the strike is now over..


A deal has been struck between the major media companies and the Writers Guild of America to end the writers' strike, former Walt Disney

"It's over," Eisner said. "They made the deal, they shook hands on the deal. It's going on Saturday to the writers in general."

Eisner, speaking live on CNBC's "Fast Money," seemed to hesitate initially about whether it was possible that the writers could still reject the agreement, but finally suggested the deal's acceptance was inevitable.

"A deal has been made, and they'll be back to work very soon," Eisner said, adding, "I know a deal's been made. I know it's over."

Eisner did not elaborate on terms of the agreement. He said he expects most of the media companies affected by the strike to have "small" write-downs as a result of the deal. Eisner said the deal was struck last Friday.

As a result of studio cutbacks, however, many of the writers who went on strike are unlikely to return to the same big-money contracts they'd had as individuals with the studios, Eisner said.

I really hope this is true!!!
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MultiFandom Icons [05 Feb 2008|06:25pm]

 70 ICONS're containing

(**)Las Vegas
(**)One Tree Hill
(**)THE OC
(**)Julian McMahon
(**)Rose McGowan
(**)Molly Sims
(**)Mischa Barton
(**)Rachel Bilson
(**)Holly Marie Combs
(**)Alyssa Milano

(**)Mischa Barton(x9)
(**)THE OC(x2)


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[19 Jan 2008|01:23pm]

So watching Vegas last night made me feel creative... follow the link to some Josh icons :) 

9 Milo Ventimiglia
5 Josh Duhamel
15 Christian Bale [American Psycho]


Posted at

And they say that a hero will save us....
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[23 Dec 2007|08:46pm]

does anyone know where i can watch season 1episode 16, season 2  and on episodes free online? my cable is out, and i dont think i'll get it back for awhile to watch the reruns in the morning everyday on TNT. thanks
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